Darren Yee


Co-Founder, President & CEO

Christopher Lysiuk


Co-Founder & COO

Nicholas Molinski


Co-Founder & CTO

Ada Slusarczyk


Co-Founder & CIO

Acculis was founded in February 2016 by a group of four engineering students who hail from some of the most innovative technology companies.

Darren, a mechanical engineer by training with a business and management background, leverages experience in the construction industry and in founding and leading the NYU Hyperloop team.

Nick has a B.S. in electrical engineering and extensive experience in signal and image processing. He has led many engineering projects, including the electrical engineering team for the NYU Hyperloop project.

Chris brings 2+ years of operations and brand management experience from developing projects within companies such as Harry's and Complex Media.

Ada comes from a background in computer science and information processing along with 2+ years of industry project management and engineering experience in digital signal processing.